Decipher Radical Prostatectomy (RP)

Information for Healthcare Providers

A tissue-based genomic test, the Decipher Radical Prostatectomy (RP) test analyzes 22 RNA biomarkers associated with metastatic progression such as cell cycle progression, immune system activity and response, androgen signaling, metabolism, and cancer blood vessel formation potential. This test can help healthcare providers recommend active surveillance or radiation following a radical prostatectomy.

Decipher RP Test Benefits

  • Provides accuracy in predicting progression of prostate cancer post-prostatectomy 
  • Is performed on a tissue sample taken during a radical prostatectomy 


Decipher RP Physician Video 

Learn more about how the Decipher RP can help inform next steps after a radical prostatectomy. 

For Healthcare Providers: How to Order the Decipher RP Test 

Below are additional frequently asked questions about the Decipher RP test

Who should consider the Decipher RP test?

The Decipher Radical Prostatectomy (RP) test is a tissue-based prostate cancer marker (PCM) that helps high-risk patients and their healthcare providers understand if they may need additional treatment following radical prostatectomy.

What do results from the Decipher RP test show?

The Decipher RP test analyzes 22 RNA biomarkers associated with metastatic progression including: cell cycle progression, immune system activity/response, androgen signaling, metabolism and cancer blood vessel formation potential. In general, results of the Decipher RP test are presented as follows:

  • Low risk: 0-.45
  • Average risk: .45-.60
  • High risk: .60-1.0

The test also reports on the following for each risk category:

  • Risk of metastasis within 5 years (0- 100%)
  • Risk of prostate cancer death within 10 years (0-100%)

See a sample Decipher RP result report and learn more about interpreting these results. Patients  should always discuss the results of their test with their physician.

Is there any clinical evidence that the Decipher RP is effective?

More than 1,900 patients have been studied in numerous publications validating the Decipher RP test


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Individual patient-level meta-analysis of the performance of the Decipher Genomic Classifier in high-risk men after prostatectomy to predict development of metastatic disease

This research analyzed five studies of nearly 1,000 men and found the Decipher RP test to be effective in predicting outcomes of patients across all subgroups, regardless of demographics, clinical factors, and treatment approaches.   

Validation of a genomic classifier for prediction of metastasis and prostate cancer-specific mortality in African-American men 

Like most research, the Decipher genomic classifier test had originally been studied in Caucasian men. This study looked at its accuracy for predicting metastasis and prostate cancer mortality in African American men and found the Decipher test may actually work better in African American men.     

Validation of the Decipher genomic classifier in patients receiving salvage radiotherapy without hormone therapy after radical prostatectomy

This study found that patients with a high Decipher genomic classifier score “were more than twice as likely than patients with a lower score to experience biochemical and clinical progression and receive salvage hormone therapy.” Patients with higher scores who were treated early had much better outcomes than those treated later in their disease progression, […]