About Decipher Biopsy:

Decipher Biopsy was designed to be used in patients who have been diagnosed with organ confined prostate cancer but are not quite sure if they need to seek definitive treatment or may undergo an active surveillance protocol with their health care provider. The Decipher Biopsy test was designed for individuals with low, favorable intermediate, and unfavorable intermediate risk prostate cancer (less than or equal to Gleason 4+3=7) who are uncertain if they should get treatment or pursue active surveillance.


The test looks at the activation of 22 RNA biomarkers (using specialized lab tests using your prostate cancer positive tissue) associated with metastatic progression. These markers review your prostate cancer tissue and evaluate your cancers cell cycle progression, immune system activity and response, androgen signaling pathways, metabolism, and angiogenesis potential (cancer cell blood vessel formation). 


Patient Sample Report:

This page contains an interactive patient sample report. Hover your mouse over different parts of the form to learn what each particular section means. 

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