Decipher Biopsy

Information for Healthcare Providers

The Decipher Biopsy Prostate test analyzes tissue from a prostate biopsy to predict the behavior of the cancer’s individual genes. Known as a genomic test, the Decipher test analyzes 22 RNA biomarkers across 7 cancer pathways associated with aggressive cancer. The Decipher score is presented from 0 to 1 with 1 being the highest risk. These insights, together with clinical information, can help healthcare providers tailor treatment to the individual person based on his risk.


Decipher Test Benefits 

  • Can be performed on tissue of men with ALL Gleason scores and PSA values and during all stages in the cancer treatment journey to help inform next steps about active surveillance or treatment
  • Analyzes 22 biomarkers across 7 cancer pathways
  • Is covered by Medicare and most major insurance plans
  • Has been validated in more than 75 studies

Decipher Biopsy Physician Video

Learn more about how the Decipher Biopsy can help inform next steps after a biopsy.

For Healthcare Providers: How to Order the Decipher Biopsy Test

Healthcare providers can place orders through Decipher Biopsy’s physician portal, via email to, or by fax to 1.858.766.6575

Below are additional frequently asked questions about the Decipher RP test

What do Decipher Biopsy results show?

The Decipher Biopsy test analyzes 22 RNA biomarkers associated with metastatic progression including: cell cycle progression, immune system activity/response, androgen signaling, metabolism and cancer blood vessel formation potential. Patients should always discuss the results of their test with their physician. In general, results of the Decipher Biopsy test are presented as follows:

  • Overall genomic cancer risk
    • Low, intermediate or high risk
  • Risk of harboring high-grade disease (0-100%) if you had prostate removal surgery
  • Risk of metastasis within 5 years (0-100%)
  • Risk of prostate cancer death within 10 years (0-100%)

See a sample Decipher Biopsy test report and learn more about how to read the results.

Who is a candidate for the Decipher Biopsy test?

Men who have a PSA score of less than or equal to 20 ng/ml and have organ confined, less than or equal to Gleason score of 4+3=7 prostate cancer found on biopsy could benefit from the Decipher genomic testing. However, the Decipher Biopsy test may be appropriate for any man post-biopsy regardless of his PSA, Gleason score, or the stage of his cancer to help him and his healthcare provider make a more informed decision about next steps.

Is there any clinical evidence that the Decipher Biopsy test is effective? 

Yes, there are more than 75 studies in more than 60,000 men that validate the effectiveness of the Decipher Biopsy test.

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Validation of the Decipher Test for Predicting Distant Metastatic Recurrence in Men with High-risk Nonmetastatic Prostate Cancer 10 Years After Surgery

This study looked at European and US cases and found the Decipher test is an accurate predictor of distant metastases within 10 years post-surgery. 

Association Between a 22-feature Genomic Classifier and Biopsy Gleason Upgrade During Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer

Insights from this study show that men undergoing active surveillance for their prostate cancer who had a higher Decipher score were more likely to develop aggressive cancer over time. Results conclude that a higher Decipher score might be an indication for tailored active surveillance including frequent prostate biopsies.

Genomic Testing in Localized Prostate Cancer Can Identify Subsets of African Americans With Aggressive Disease

This study found the Decipher test to be effective in identifying African American men who are at higher genomic risk for more aggressive prostate cancer. The study concludes that risk stratifying this segment of men can lead to more effective medical interventions earlier in the disease progression.