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These are unique blood, urine, or tissue tests which assess your individual risk state (personalized medicine). Find out how PCMs may better guide patients from initial diagnosis to post-treatment. 

Blood Samples


We have developed a series of easy to understand pages for all available PCMs, which we hope will help you better understand your results. 

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

Our step by step table helps guide patients through which PCMs are most applicable for each individual. 

Mature Man with Glasses

We have developed an interactive activity which, by answering a few questions, can quickly help you determine which test(s) may benefit you. 


Many men don't know that there are new tests out there which can help you determine your risk for various types of cancer, including but not limited to prostate cancer. 

Books on the Desk

Here you will find useful information, links, and the latest scientific journal articles which will help you understand the science behind PCMs



Health Care


Teacher Resources

This section provides physicians and health care providers with information about each PCM including order forms, slide presentations, patient brochures and listing of published studies. 

Math Notebook and Calculator

Our step by step decision tree helps guide physicians through which tests are most applicable for each individual. 

Organized Files

Here, you will find actual case studies for each PCM. These case studies show how each PCM can be used in your daily practice. 

Petri Dish

Ready to have PCMs available at your clinic? This section will guide you with information about how to obtain and order PCMs. 

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