MyProstateScore 2.0 (MPS2)

Information for Healthcare Providers

The MyProstateScore 2.0 (MPS2) test is an FDA-approved urine test that can determine a patient's individual risk for prostate cancer after receiving a high PSA.

MPS2 is a urine test designed to predict the presence of clinically significant prostate cancer (Gleason score ≥7 or Grade Group ≥2) by analyzing a comprehensive array of 18 unique gene transcripts. The MPS2 algorithm has been developed to optimize diagnostic accuracy and provide clinical flexibility. MPS2 can be run as a biomarker-only test or inclusive of clinical risk factors, depending on provider preference. The accuracy of MPS2 is further tailored to specific patient cohorts through separate validation in biopsy naïve men and men with a prior negative biopsy.

MPS2 Benefits

The validation study published in JAMA Oncology highlights MPS2’s next generation accuracy:

  • Comprehensive: By analyzing the expression of 18 unique gene transcripts, MPS2 offers a comprehensive assessment that surpasses traditional biomarker tests.
  • Clinical Flexibility: The test can be utilized as a biomarker-only assessment or combined with optional clinical risk factors, offering tailored insights for diverse patient scenarios.
  • Identifying Low-Risk Patients: MPS2 safely identifies 42% to 51% of patients who do not have clinically significant prostate cancer.
  • Optimized for Accuracy: MPS2 ensures diagnostic accuracy in both biopsy naïve patients and those with a prior negative biopsy, with NPV 93-99%.

MPS2 Results

The MPS2 results report displays the risk score in an easy-to-understand format. The report’s graphic provides a visual representation of the percent risk of clinically significant cancer and is accompanied by key details such as risk category and threshold.

Conduct Prostate Cancer Risk Screening with Transformational Accuracy

How to order the MPS2 test

Visit or call (888) 978 8677.

Medical studies involving MPS2

Development and Validation of an 18-Gene Urine Test for High-Grade Prostate Cancer

New peer-reviewed research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Oncology validates the efficacy of MyProstateScore 2.0 (MPS2). The findings signify a major advancement in the ability to make highly accurate, comprehensive and personalized predictions by raising the performance standard for urine biomarker tests intended to detect clinically significant prostate cancer.  

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