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Our team of prostate cancer experts have revolutionized diagnosing and treating prostate cancer with PCMs.

About PC Markers

Prostate cancer markers (PCMs) are improving how prostate cancer is diagnosed and treated.

PCMarkers.com was started by leading prostate cancer experts and spearheaded by E. David Crawford, MD, to inform patients and physicians about non-invasive prostate cancer tests that have revolutionized the way prostate cancer is screened, analyzed and treated. By bringing attention to prostate cancer markers, PCM information, including this website, have led to fewer unnecessary prostate biopsies  and more accurate and precise treatment.

About Our Team of Prostate Cancer Experts

Meet our team of prostate cancer experts who have pioneered and championed the regular use of prostate cancer markers.

David Crawford, MD

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E. David Crawford, MD, is a researcher and physician who has devoted his career to educating the medical profession and patients around the nation about men’s health issues and finding effective techniques and procedures to address prostate cancer, the most common malignancy affecting men in the United States.

He is currently a Professor of Urology at the University of California San Diego. He is also emeritus distinguished endowed Professor of Surgery, Urology and Radiation Oncology and Head of the Section of Urologic Oncology at the University of Colorado.

Dr. Crawford has authored or coauthored more than 810 scientific articles, published 7 textbooks, authored more than 60 book chapters and provided more than 2,200 educational talks for patients and physicians. Dr. Crawford served on the board of governors and the scientific advisory board of the Southwest Oncology Group. He was chairman of the Genitourinary Cancer Committee, which is the largest clinical trials group in the word, for 27 years.

Crawford is an active member of many national and international organizations, including the American Society of Clinical Oncology, American Urological Association (AUA), and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Within the AUA, he has been a member of the Committee to Study Urologic Research Funding and the Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials subcommittee. Crawford served on the board of governors, the scientific advisory board of the Southwest Oncology Group, and was chairman of the Genitourinary Cancer Committee for 27 years. This group is the largest clinical trials group in the world.

Crawford’s involvement in the national prostate cancer arena has been widely recognized. He has received many honors and awards, including the CAP Cure Annual Award for Scientific Presentation in 1999. In 1997, he was presented with a “Freddie Award” at the AMA International Health and Medical Film Competition for the program, ITV: The Cutting Edge Medical Report (Prostate Cancer: Understanding, Diagnosing, and Defeating), which Crawford hosted with special guest, retired General Norman Schwarzkopf. Crawford again won a prestigious “Freddie Award”. He is a member of Best Doctors of America and was named Healthcare Provider of the Year in the Denver Metro area by the Denver Business Journal.

He has been recognized as one of the Best Doctors of America for the past two decades and is recognized as one of the top 20 urologists for men in the country by Men’s Health Magazine. In 2018 he received the honor of being named the Distinguished Alumnus of the Year from the University of Cincinnati School of Medicine. In May of 2019, he received the Presidential citation from the American Urological Association recognizing for his “tireless role in genitourinary cancer research that has benefited countless urologic cancer patients.” Expertscape has recognized him in the top 0.02% of published authors worldwide on prostate neoplasms from 2010-2021.

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Paul Arangua, B.S.

Paul is a study coordinator at the University of Colorado and has been part of numerous studies including The Application of Targeted Focal Cryotherapy for the Treatment of Organ Confined Prostate Cancer, The Injection of Botulinum Toxin for the Treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, Salvage Cryotherapy Online Registry Evaluation, and several other investigator initiated studies. Currently, Paul works closely on several self-designed, investigator initiated quality of life studies on various prostate and testicular cancer patient cohorts. He has extensive experience using REDcap to design databases and automated-distribution survey instruments. Recently, he has designed an iPad compliant quality of life survey for all 3D prostate cancer biopsy patients. Paul has extensive experience with the ProView software platform, which he uses to perform real-time 3D reconstruction in patients during 3D prostate cancer biopsy. His special interests include database design and data analysis, study design, clinical epidemiology, and minimally invasive prostate cancer diagnostic and treatment procedures including 3D prostate cancer biopsy and Targeted Focal Cryotherapy.