Dr. Michael A. Liss, PhD, MAS, FACS

Meet Dr. Michael A. Liss, PhD, MAS, FACS

Dr. Michael Liss specializes in all aspects of prostate cancer care. After graduating with honors in research from the Medical School of Wisconsin (Marquette), he attended the University of California, Irvine and trained under leaders in laparoscopic and robotic urology. He completed a two year fellowship in urologic oncology at the University of California, San Diego. The fellowship is approved by the Society of Urologic Oncology. During this intensive training, he completed a Masters of Applied Science in Clinical Trials (MAS). He is currently completing his Ph.D. in Translational Science at the College of Pharmacy at the University of Texas, Austin.

Dr. Liss became the Chief of the Division of Urologic Oncology in 2021. Clinically he is also an active member of the cancer center’s genetics and high-risk cancer screening clinic focusing on patients at high risk for prostate cancer.

Dr. Liss is also involved in prostate cancer imaging, specifically enhanced MRI. He secured funding from the Department of Defense, leading to NCI funding for novel MRI software and AI modeling for prostate cancer detection. Currently, as the Medical Director of the Clinical Trials Office at the University of Texas Health San Antonio, Dr. Liss oversees multiple clinical trials based on his groundbreaking research. His leadership extends to various roles at University Hospital and the San Antonio Veterans Affairs.

His dedication to early cancer detection and prevention using an entrepreneurial spirit through novel tools such as imaging and pharmaco-microbiomics underscores his commitment to using innovative solutions to overcome the most pressing challenges in prostate cancer.

Currently, Dr. Liss also has several leadership roles at UT Health San Antonio

  • Site principal investigator for SWOG, formerly the Southwest Oncology Group, one of the largest cooperative clinical trial groups in the world.
  • Medical director of clinical research at University Hospital.
  • Medical director of the Mays Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office (CTO)