About Myriad myRisk: 

The Myriad myRisk® Hereditary Cancer test is a 29-gene panel that identifies an elevated risk for eight hereditary cancers: prostate, breast, ovarian, gastric, colorectal, pancreatic, melanoma, and endometrial. This test analyzes 29 genes that are hereditary (ie: genes that are passed down through your family) and determines if the gene is altered (ie: carries a genetic mutation). If altered, this increases your risk for one or more hereditary cancers. Approximately 5% - 10% of all cancers are hereditary.


Individuals with these types of genes are far more likely to develop certain cancers, often at a much earlier age than the general population. For women, Myriad myRisk Hereditary Cancer testing includes "riskScore" that predicts a woman’s five year and lifetime risk for developing breast cancer. 

Patient Sample Report:

Please see below for three types of results of a myRisk test: Negative, Positive, and Elevated.

Negative Test Result

Below you will find an example of a negative test result. 

myRisk Negative Result-2.png
myRisk Negative Result-3.png

Positive Test Result

Below you will find an example of a positive test result. 

myRisk Positive Result-2.png
myRisk Positive Result-3.png
myRisk Positive Result-4.png
myRisk Positive Result-5.png

Elevated Test Result

Below you will find an example of a elevated test result. 

myRisk Elevated Result-2.png
myRisk Elevated Result-3.png
myRisk Elevated Result-4.png
myRisk Elevated Result-5.png
myRisk Elevated Result-8.png