Prognostic value of a cell cycle progression signature for prostate cancer death in a conservatively managed needle biopsy cohort

This study found that the cell cycle progression (CCP) score (known as Prolaris) may aid in treating men with clinically localized prostate cancer and is the strongest independent predictor of prostate cancer mortality.   

Reduced Rate of Repeated Prostate Biopsies with Confirm mdx

This clinical field utility study of 138 men found that those with negative biopsies who utilized the Confirm mdx test had a significantly lower rate of repeat biopsies.     

96% Negative Predictive Value for High-grade Cancer

This study shows that, when compared to other risk factors, detection of DNA-methylation in histopathologically negative biopsies was the most significant and important predictor of high-grade cancer, resulting in a negative predictive value of 96%.   

Association Between a 22-feature Genomic Classifier and Biopsy Gleason Upgrade During Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer

Insights from this study show that men undergoing active surveillance for their prostate cancer who had a higher Decipher score were more likely to develop aggressive cancer over time. Results conclude that a higher Decipher score might be an indication for tailored active surveillance including frequent prostate biopsies.

Predicting high-grade prostate cancer at initial biopsy: clinical performance of the ExoDx (EPI) Prostate Intelliscore test in three independent prospective studies

The ExoDx Prostate (IntelliScore) (EPI) test stratifies patients for risk of high-grade prostate cancer (HGPC; ≥ Grade Group 2 [GG] PC) in men ≥ 50 years with equivocal prostate-specific antigen (PSA) (2–10 ng/mL). Here, we present a pooled meta-analysis from three independent prospective-validation studies in men presenting for initial biopsy decision.

A multi-institutional prospective trial in the USA confirms that the 4Kscore accurately identifies men with high-grade prostate cancer

The 4Kscore combines measurement of four kallikreins in blood with clinical information as a measure of the probability of significant (Gleason ≥7) prostate cancer (PCa) before prostate biopsy. In this study, the 4Kscore showed excellent diagnostic performance in detecting significant PCa. It is a useful tool in selecting men who have significant disease and are […]

Prospective study of diagnostic accuracy in the detection of high-grade prostate cancer in biopsy-naïve patients with clinical suspicion of prostate cancer who underwent the Select MDx test

This study aimed to externally validate the diagnostic accuracy of the Select MDx test for Significant prostate cancer (Sig PCa) (ISUP > 1), in a contemporaneous, prospective, multicenter cohort with a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) between 3 and 10 ng/ml and a non-suspicious digital rectal examination.