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Valley News: Are we getting it wrong on prostate cancer screening?

James Heffernan, an emeritus professor of English at Dartmouth College, speaks of his experience with prostate cancer and makes a case for early detection through prostate cancer biomarkers.

Living Your Healthiest Life By Understanding Your Prostate Cancer Risk

Learn more about how routine PSA testing can be a critical part of living your healthiest life!

Physician’s Weekly podcast – The PSA Test Controversy

In a lively discussion, E. David Crawford, MD (University of Colorado), explains the controversy around prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test screening. The National Cancer Institute describes the PSA controversy as follows: “Using the PSA test to screen men for prostate cancer is controversial because it is not yet known for certain whether this test actually saves […]

CBS 8 The Doctor is In: Men’s Prostate Health

Aditya Bagrodia, MD is a board-certified urologist who recommends using PCMarkers as a tool for both patients and providers to learn more about early detection for prostate cancer.

9News: Health officials urge people to get preventative screenings for prostate cancer

Dr. E. David Crawford, MD, on a featured story for CBS 9 News in Denver, Colorado regarding early PSA screening.

Who should get an at-home prostate-specific antigen test?

Blog post written by David Crawford, MD for on at home diagnostic testing for prostate cancer.