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About AR-V7 Nucleus Detect test: The purpose of this test is to identify mCRPC (metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer) patients who will NOT respond to androgen receptor (AR) targeted therapies, such as abiraterone and enzalutamide, and should therefore consider chemotherapy. Over time, tumors can adapt (and become resistant) to AR-targeted treatments. AR-V7 Nucleus Detect is designed to detect AR-V7 proteins in the nucleus of circulating tumor cells (CTCs). Large clinical studies found that AR-V7+ patients (patients with AR-V7 in the nucleus of CTCs) do not benefit from AR-targeted therapies, experience faster progression and lower median overall survival (compared with patients negative for AR-V7), and are substantially more likely to live longer when treated with taxane chemotherapy (1, 2). The sample is obtained through a blood draw. Two sample reports are shown below - one has a negative result and the other has a positive result.

Results: In this example, the patient has a negative result. This means that they are NOT resistant to androgen-receptor targeted therapy.

Results: In this example, the patient has a positive result. This means that they are resistant to androgen-receptor targeted therapy and may not benefit from hormonal therapy. This type of patient may consider other treatments such as taxane chemotherapy.


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