PCMs stands for prostate cancer markers. These are unique blood, urine, or tissue tests which assess your individual risk state (personalized medicine). 

With an abundance of different tests for prostate cancer, it can often be confusing as to which tests may be appropriate for individual situations. We have developed an interactive activity which, by answering a few questions, can quickly help you determine which test(s) may benefit you. 

Did your doctor order test(s) for you but you are having trouble understanding the results? We have developed a series of easy to understand pages for all available prostate biomarkers, which we hope will help you better understand your results. 

Many men don't know that there are new tests out there which can help you determine your risk for various types of cancer, including but not limited to prostate cancer.  This link will open a new window and allow you to submit an online questionnaire to assess your risk. 

With such a wide array of markers for prostate cancer, it can often be confusing to both physicians and their patients which markers are appropriate for each individual. Our step by step table helps guide you through which tests are most applicable for each individual. 

Here you will find useful information, links, and the latest scientific journal articles which will help you understand the science behind PCMs. 

Have questions about your prostate cancer, how to screen for prostate cancer, or to set up an appointment with one of our experts around the country? 

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