Physician Resources

Contact Infomration

This section will provide you with direct, company specific contact information in order to learn how to get these tests ordered in your clinic. For most tests, an example order form is also available to download so that your staff can be familiar with the ordering process before you receive your first kits. 

PCMs Business Cards

One of our goals at PCMs is to help patients better understand the results of their biomarker report by creating a website describing results in laymen terms. As an ordering physician, you have the ability to order PCMs business cards, which inform the patient about which test(s) were ordered, and directs them to our site so they can learn about their results. This saves you and your staff time answering questions about the meaning of their results. Business cards can be customized with your name, phone number, and email address of your choice. 

Physician Oriented Biomarker Algorithm

Here at PCMs, we provide patients with a biomarker algorithm that is more limited, so that physicians can determine the best steps, should a patient be presented with prostate cancer.  In this section, we have both a biomarker algorithm video and algorithm printout based on our landmark PSA of 1.5ng/ml paper. 

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